Weekly Meeting

Thursday May 16, 2019 12:05 PM

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The Sergeant at Arms opens the meeting and turns the meeting over to the Toastmaster.

Toastmaster of the Day:
Joann C. Hester
The Toastmaster introduces meeting roles and calls up the first speech evaluator.

Loni Huff
Introduces a speaker. Provides an evaluation of the speech after it has been delivered.

Joann C. Hester
Gives a prepared speech; turns meeting over to Toastmaster.

Topics Master:
Allison Powers
Invites attendees to deliver a 1-2 minute impromptu speech; turns meeting over to General Evaluator.

General Evaluator:
Allison Powers
Facilitates the evaluation portion of the meeting.

Naureen Syed
Monitors and records the time elapsed during each speech and table topic response.

Loni Huff
Introduces and monitors usage of the “Word of the Day”; listens for both imprecise uses of the English language as well as exceptional turns of phrase.

Ah Counter:
Tina Kuo
Listens for the use of filler words (ex. “um”) as well as repeated “double clutch” words.

The General Evaluator evaluates the meeting as a whole, including the evaluations, then hands control to the presiding officer.

Vote Counter:
Naureen Syed
Counts votes for best speaker, table topics speaker and evaluator. Provides results to President.

The President (or presiding officer) conducts club business, announces voting results, and provides final comments before closing the meeting.

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