2019.05.16 Weekly Window

Despite a lower-than-average turnout this week, we still managed to hold a fun and inspirational meeting. Joann served as Toastmaster of the Day as well as speaker, delivering a speech from the Successful Club Series: Creating the Best Club Climate, which enumerated several ways that we can improve the quality of our chapter meetings, including:

  • Making a good impression
  • Welcoming guests
  • Showing new members we care

The completion of this speech counts toward the Advanced Leader Bronze award from the Advanced Leadership curriculum that pre-dates Pathways.

Loni volunteered as this week's Grammarian, offering up a pair of antonymous idioms as this week's "Word of the Day": rose-colored glasses and jaundiced eye.

Allison served as this week's Table Topics Master, prompting members with several great questions. Loni talked about wanting to develop her graphic design skills, being primarily self-taught. Naureen shared stories of growing up in Pakistan, climbing mango trees and chasing chickens. And Tina split our sides with an anecdote about beginning her journey as an aspiring ballerina by managing to get her head stuck between the mirror and wall-mounted bar of the dance studio where she was enrolled.

Next week, we look forward to welcoming back several currently vacationing members and hope to see you there, as well!

  • Best Table Topics: Loni
  • Most Improved Speaker: Tina

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