2019.08.01 Weekly Window

Despite being a light week in terms of turnout, members were treated with not one but two full-length speeches given today, including Tina’s first Icebreaker! Tina employed a unique method to teach us all more about herself by telling a story that illustrated several personal characteristics: the desire to plan ahead, the determination to be adventurous, and the ability to adapt when her carefully laid plans went awry. Fabulous job, Tina!

Asad spoke today, championing the importance of Risk Management. While we are all mostly fortunate to generally not have to think about risk probabilities and likely impact, Asad gave us all pause to think about the risks we regularly face and how we might be able to mitigate them.

  • Best Speaker: Tina
  • Best Evaluator: Joann
  • Best Table Topic: Allison
  • Word of the Day: fraught
Tina receiving her Icebreaker ribbon from Joann

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