2019.08.15 Weekly Window

Karl served as Toastmaster at this week's meeting, providing a warm introduction full of personality and a bit of perspective on what it's like to turn 50 years old, a monumental event he's celebrating with a 30+ mile run this weekend. Happy fiftieth, Karl!

This week, members were treated to two wonderful speeches from Asad and Sally. Asad delivered a research-based presentation about the Process Communication Model, focused around reframing communication from the viewpoint of the recipient (the person being spoken to) instead of the viewpoint of the speaker. Sally gave her final speech within level 5 of the Team Collaboration Pathway, sharing with us some of her experiences over the course of all five levels of progress. Congratulations on your path completion, Sally!

  • Best Speaker: Sally
  • Best Evaluator: Loni
  • Word(s) of the Day: ardent / argent

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