District 56 2019-2020 Incentives

District 56 is offering a great incentive for members who:

  1. Renew membership dues by 9/15/2019 and 3/15/2020.
    To make things easier, you can instead opt to pay double dues by 9/15/2019. Click here for more information about dues payment.
  2. Submit three educational awards before 3/15/2020.
    An educational award includes the completion of a level within Pathways. As a bonus, completing just this incentive grants you a Triple Crown Pin as well as recognition at the May 2020 Spring Conference or within The Applause District newsletter.
  3. Sponsor or recruit 3 or more members during the period 10/1/2019 to 3/30/2020.

Members who achieve all three goals will be awarded an Outstanding Member pin and $50 Toastmasters International voucher! Read more about member- and chapter-specific incentives for the 2019-2020 fiscal year here.

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