2019.08.29 Weekly Window

In honor of Labor Day, the theme of our August 29th meeting was "Job Appreciation." Allison graciously filled in as Toastmasters at the last minute, giving a short introduction about thankless jobs.

We were lucky enough to have two prepared speeches:

  • Asad delivered the first speech within level 2 of Dynamic Leadership: Understanding Your Leadership Style, in which he outlined the structure of a good project, including its timeframe, multiple people from different levels, and the end results produced.
  • Sally delivered a speech from level 3 of Presentation Mastery, entitled "Getting Started with Pathways" and encouraging members to print their projects ahead of the presentation to avoid technical glitches that can occur unexpectedly. Be sure to check out more Pathways-related content in Sally's VPE Corner.

Usamah served as Table Topics Master for the day, using the theme "Perceptions" as inspiration for his prompts.

  • Sally spoke about the most valuable lessons she gained from her parents: Age and Experience.
  • Christine shared what most brings her joy working at MD Anderson, relating how much she appreciates seeing employees taking the time to help patients who seem to be lost or in need of assistance.
  • Asad spoke about what he most enjoys during his time off, sharing his recent use of apps to help organize his speeches and timing.
  • Allison shared the earliest time in her life that she could remember being thankful, relating information about the opportunities of her early childhood.
  • Best Speaker: Sally
  • Best Evaluator: Joann
  • Best Table Topic: Christine
  • Word of the Day: illustrious

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