2019.09.05 Weekly Window

The theme of this week's meeting was "Enjoy the Journey." Joann fulfilled the role of Toastmaster-of-the-Day, opening our meeting by presenting a map of Seaborne Creek Park. She used the map's "You Are Here" marker as a metaphor for appreciating one's current circumstances instead of coveting something unattainable.

Loni delivered a speech from Level 1 of the Innovative Planning Pathway, speaking from experience about different strategies to survive a Timeshare Presentation without making a commitment to buy.

Asad delivered a speech about the project management concept of gap analysis, a method used to determine whether business requirements are being met and -- if not -- what steps should be taken to get from the current, inadequate state to the desired state.

Sally introduced a fun variation on Table Topics, asking each member or guest to write down words to represent each of the letters in a provided acronym. These words were passed along to another person, and volunteers were solicited to tell a story using all of the words on the page. D.S. stole the show with a story about teaching her then-teenaged son how to drive a stick-shift.

  • Best Speaker: Loni
  • Best Evaluator: Twana
  • Best Table Topic: D.S.
  • Most Improved: Asad
  • Word of the Day: adventure

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