2020-2021 Leadership Committee

Spirited Speech Masters is happy to announce new officers for the 2020-2021 year:

  • President: Loni Huff
  • Vice President of Education: Sally Boyd
    • Associate VPE: Usamah Zagaar
  • Vice President of Membership: Monica Goudeau
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Sara Gilheart
  • Treasurer: Usamah Zagaar
  • Secretary: Allison Powers
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Lucas Ramsey
  • Immediate Past President: Joann Hester

Thank you to the 2019-2020 leadership committee for all your hard work this past year and for setting a great example for the incoming (or transitioning) officers! Despite the necessary changes to our meeting format, we are looking forward to an exciting and productive year in Toastmasters!

2020-2021 Leadership Opportunities

Did you know there is a project in Pathways for taking an officer’s role?  This project is in Level 5 and expects that you have worked through most of your other levels.  However, the requirement is to be an officer in Toastmasters (or another volunteer organization) for at least 6 months.  Toastmasters allows us to look ahead.  Those in leadership might want to look at this project now and understand the requirements to work towards in the coming months.

Those of you just getting started have a wonderful opportunity to work towards this goal.  We will be having officer elections in early May – now is your opportunity!

Officer Nominations/Election

Nominations are now open for all positions, including a new (not for credit) role of Associate VPE. 

  • You may nominate yourself or someone else, though they will have to agree to the nomination.
  • You may continue in an existing role (except for President) if you wish.

We will elect from President to Sergeant-at-Arms, so if you run for a role and do not win, you may run for another office with a floor nomination.

If there are multiple candidates for a role, each candidate may present a 2-minute speech on their qualifications, or why they wish to have that role.

To be on the ballot, please send your nomination to Sally by 4pm, May 6th.  Elections will be held on May 14th.

What is Involved?

Officers manage and direct the functioning of the program and are known collectively as the Executive Committee.  This committee meets at the president’s discretion – usually monthly, though perhaps more often early in the Toastmasters year. 

Expectations for all officers include:

  • Attend the regular Executive Committee meetings
  • Attend two training sessions: one in July-Aug and another in Jan-Feb
  • Fulfill the requirements of their office, or find someone to fill-in in their absence

For more information on Officer Roles, see the Club Leadership Handbook.

New Sergeant-at-Arms and Broken Ice

After several months without someone to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms, we are happy to announce that this Executive Leadership role has been filled by one of our newest members, Luke.

Luke receiving a Sergeant-at-Arms pin from President Joann

Also, congratulations to Allison upon delivering her Ice Breaker speech!

Sally and Allison, both with big smiles of relief on their faces! 🙂

I hope you will be able to join us next week when I will be serving as Toastmaster-of-the-Day!

Rising to the Toastmaster Challenge

Basically as challenging as serving as Toastmaster

We’re a couple of months into Fiscal Year 2020 and already our VPE’s efforts have borne fruit. As most members can tell you, serving as Toastmaster for a given meeting can be challenging. In addition to being the Master of Ceremonies for the first half of the meeting — opening the meeting, helping to introduce various other roles, calling upon each evaluator to introduce his or her speaker — a good Toastmaster often makes an effort to ensure a successful meeting even before it begins, emailing members ahead of time to fill roles, to send reminders, and even to choose a theme around which the meeting can be planned.

It’s no wonder then that many newer members shy away from filling this role, often resulting in the same handful of more experienced individuals having to act as Toastmaster week after week. In an effort to ameliorate this problem, VPE Sally instead created a weekly schedule specifically for this role, ensuring that — while the newest members are spared — the more veteran among us get a little push to try something that we might have otherwise avoided.

Spirited Speech Masters has benefited greatly from this new policy, as we have enjoyed hearing differing and unique perspectives. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that — when a person doesn’t have to serve in this role on a regular basis — they have more energy to fulfill the role when they eventually do. Over the past couple of months, I have witnessed some really unique themes, not to mention some great introductions that, in many cases, could serve as standalone speeches!

Along these lines, I wanted to give a shout out to the Toastmasters from our two most recent meetings, Usamah and Karl:

  • Usamah chose the theme “power” for our meeting two weeks ago and surprised us all by helping us see not only the dangers inherent in the pursuit of power but also the power in acknowledging one’s own weakness.
  • Karl chose the theme “pain,” striking because the concept so often carries such a negative connotation. He helped us re-evaluate our view of pain as providing a barometer of bodily injury and a sense of appreciation for our good health.

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up in recent weeks to serve as Toastmaster. I look forward hopefully to a continued diversity of perspective and experience!

Sonya receiving a Best Table Topics certificate from Joann on October 3rd

Update Your Profile, Earn a Cupcake!

If you’ve been planning to update your profile, now is a fabulous time to do so! If just four members update their profiles before October 31st, I will make homemade pumpkin cupcakes to share at our Halloween meeting!

But I don’t know what to write…

Understandable! The goal of our roster is to give prospective members an idea of the diversity of reasons that people join Toastmasters. With any luck, they will read about your reasons for joining and find something familiar! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Where did you first hear about Toastmasters?
  • Why did you decide to attend your first meeting?
  • What is one thing that surprised you about Toastmasters?
  • How has Toastmasters helped you grow?
  • What are your current goals and how do you think Toastmasters will help you achieve them?

NOM NOM NOM! I can’t wait!

Fabulous! You can update your profile by visiting the Profile Page. To update your picture, use the gray field at the top of the page. To edit your profile, scroll down to the Biographical Info field. Once you’ve finished editing, scroll to the bottom of the page to click the Update Profile button.

Finally, if you simply prefer to email me your profile and/or photo for me to update for you — just let me know!