Update Your Profile, Earn a Cupcake!

If you’ve been planning to update your profile, now is a fabulous time to do so! If just four members update their profiles before October 31st, I will make homemade pumpkin cupcakes to share at our Halloween meeting!

But I don’t know what to write…

Understandable! The goal of our roster is to give prospective members an idea of the diversity of reasons that people join Toastmasters. With any luck, they will read about your reasons for joining and find something familiar! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Where did you first hear about Toastmasters?
  • Why did you decide to attend your first meeting?
  • What is one thing that surprised you about Toastmasters?
  • How has Toastmasters helped you grow?
  • What are your current goals and how do you think Toastmasters will help you achieve them?

NOM NOM NOM! I can’t wait!

Fabulous! You can update your profile by visiting the Profile Page. To update your picture, use the gray field at the top of the page. To edit your profile, scroll down to the Biographical Info field. Once you’ve finished editing, scroll to the bottom of the page to click the Update Profile button.

Finally, if you simply prefer to email me your profile and/or photo for me to update for you — just let me know!

2019: A Year in Review

Spirited Speech Masters is delighted to announce that we successfully achieved President’s Distinguished for fiscal year 2019. The requirements for this achievement include:

  • On-time payment of membership dues accompanied by the names of eight members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) for one period and on-time submission of one club officer list
  • A minimum of four club officers trained during each of the two training periods. (We actually had a clean sweep with all 7 officers having been trained twice!)
  • At least eight new members (we had 13!)
  • Educational achievements, traditional program:
    • Two Competent Communicators: Joann and Usamah
    • One Advanced Communicator: Dawn, ACB
    • Two Leadership Awards: Sally, ALS and DTM
  • Educational achievements, pathways:
    • Two Level 2 completions: Rachel (IP2) and Sally (PM2)
    • One Level 5 completion: Jo (VC5)
Joann being awarded third-place at Area Contest

Congratulations once again to Joann who placed third at Area speech contest for her speech entitled, “The Clouds are Not the Moon.” Dawn, Joann, and Sally all chose to expand their Toastmaster horizons by attending District 56 conference. (We’re hoping for an even greater turnout next Spring!)

In terms of special events planning, Spirited Speech Masters hosted Toastmasters CEO Dan Rex in presenting the Toastmasters Corporate Award to Shibu Varghese, the Senior Vice President of People & Business Operations and Chief Human Resources Officer at MD Anderson. We also hosted an Open House event that helped us reach the required number of new and renewing members necessary to achieve President’s Distinguished. Thanks to all the members who helped make these two events so engaging and successful!

In terms of our online footprint, we successfully transitioned from our previous web host, FreeToastHost, to private web hosting and a custom domain name. A special thanks to David Carr, author of the RSVPMaker for Toastmasters plugin that made this transition possible.

A special thank you to the outgoing officers, many of whom will continue serving in the same or different capacities this next year:

  • Sally: outgoing President, incoming VPE
  • Joann: outgoing VPE, incoming President
  • Karl: outgoing VPM
  • Jonathan: previous VPPR
  • Maxine: outgoing Secretary and author of the Weekly Window newsletter that inspired the recurrent blog post by the same name
  • Dawn: outgoing and incoming Treasurer
  • Naureen: outgoing and incoming Sergeant of Arms

And finally, thanks to all members — both new and renewing — for helping to maintain a positive and supportive environment in which we all have the potential for learning and growth!

President’s Update

Spirited Speech Masters is having a “Jumping June” this last month of the Toastmasters year! On June 10th, we had our officer elections, and I’m pleased to say that we have all of our Officer Positions filled!  Our 2019-2020 Officers will be:

  • President: Joann
  • Vice President Education (VPE): Sally
  • Vice President Membership (VPM): Twana
  • Vice President Public Relations (VPPR): Loni
  • Treasurer: Dawn
  • Secretary: Allison
  • Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA): Naureen
  • Immediate Past President (IPP): Sally

I am really excited to see some of our newer members step up into officer positions.  Good luck to all of our new officers!  Our officer installation will be July 11th.  We will be installed by our new Area Director, Patricia Koch!  There will also be speeches by our outgoing and incoming Presidents.

Open House!

Our open house was so much fun!  We had a great crowd!  Dawn gave a great speech on packing a backpack, and Loni did a wonderful job as her evaluator!  Thanks to Joann for an interesting Word-of-the-Day, and we introduced the practice of snapping our fingers when someone uses the WotD!  Karl had the Table Topics theme of “Vacations,” and several of our guests gave great presentations.  We hope to see some new members coming in soon!  Finally, both Allison and Naureen gave their “#MyWhy” speeches, telling why they joined Toastmasters!  Overall, it was a great meeting.  Thanks to all of the members who pitched in to help!

Upcoming Officer Elections

The June 6th meeting will include voting for the slate of 2019-2020 officers. We have a full slate of officer nominations:

  • Sergeant at Arms: Naureen
  • Treasurer: Dawn
  • Secretary: Allison
  • VP Public Relations: Loni
  • VP Membership: Twana
  • VP Education: Sally
  • President: Joann

Additional nominations will be requested from the floor (but the person nominated must accept the nomination).  You may also nominate yourself. Please attend, if at all possible, even if you are unable to be present for the entire meeting, as voting will take place during the first ten to fifteen minutes.

The June 13th meeting will be our annual Open House and will feature a slightly revised format. In an effort to promote recruitment, we are holding a Membership Contest! Prizes will be awarded to the member who brings the greatest number of guests and to the member who has the greatest number of people join our chapter (the latter of which will be determined on July 25). In addition, a special prize will be given to the first five visitors who join within the month of June!

If you haven’t already, please sign up to bring one or more food items or beverages to the Open House event! And if you haven’t picked up your red-envelope invitations to hand out to friends and colleagues, you can pick them up from Sally.

The June 27th meeting will feature officer installation with speeches by the outgoing and incoming Presidents.  Come and celebrate our Toastmasters Year in Review and hear our great plans for next year!