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Visit Spirited Speech Masters for one of our online meetings any Thursday from noon to 1PM. You are welcome to observe and/or participate, as you prefer. During your visit, a member of the executive committee will provide you a copy of our enrollment application (also downloadable as a fillable PDF here) and answer any questions you might have.

Program Enrollment

Enrollment fees are $57 every 6 months, although this amount is pro-rated should you join in any month other than October or April (see the table below). New members also pay a new enrollment fee of $20 that includes the cost of their first educational Path. For example, someone enrolling for the first time during the month of October would pay $77 ($45 to TMI + $12 to SSM + $20 new enrollment fee).

Enrollment Month
One-Time New Enrollment Fee

There are several, convenient way to pay enrollment and renewal fees:

  • Venmo us (preferred method) via @Toastmasters-SpiritedSpeechMas
  • Cash (always accepted)
  • Check (always accepted; make out to Spirited Speech Masters)
  • PayPal (add $2 convenience fee) via

Please contact our Treasurer with any questions related to payment.

Getting Started

Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome email from Toastmasters International with starter instructions. Shortly thereafter, you should receive an email from this web site with instructions on how you can create a password and log in for additional resources. Within a few days, you will be paired with a program mentor within Spirited Speech Masters. Your mentor should be able to help you get started with Pathways, the educational program offered through the Toastmasters International web site.

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