Initiate Landmarks

Initiate Landmarks

Meeting roles are one of the ways new enrollees contribute to the overall success of each meeting, often starting with some of the smaller roles before eventually taking on roles that allow a greater level of leadership; filling the first meeting role is a significant milestone along the Toastmasters journey

Table Topics are a great way for a new enrollee to start building the courage and confidence toward delivering one of the longer, prepared speeches within the Pathways learning program; a new member's first Table Topic isn't always perfect but is often a cherished memory

Pathways is the self-directed learning system that helps guide enrollees' development in their area of choice; choosing a first Path is a significant milestone for any new member

Spirited Speech Masters asks all new enrollees to fill out a survey intended to help determine the individual's goals, objectives, and areas of interest

Delivered the Icebreaker speech, a 4-6 minute speech in the first level of a Path and the first step along a Toastmaster's journey toward mastery

New enrollees are paired with a more experienced member to help them get started with Spirited Speech Masters; meeting with a mentor is a significant milestone along this journey