Pathways: Completing Projects and Levels

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We have started a new Toastmasters year (July-June) with new officers and a new set of goals for the year.  This year, I am serving as the Vice President of Education, and we have all of our members working with Pathways.  My personal goal is to help everyone understand Pathways better and to enable everyone to get around in the system.  Many people, including myself, have challenges with the Base Camp system.  Today, I want to share the “process” for completing a project in a Pathways “Level.”

Process for Completing a Project

  1. Launch your project in Base Camp by clicking the Launch button.
  2. Read every page in the project.
    1. Review the Project Checklist and read Your Assignment.
    2. Complete the Self-Evaluation at the beginning.
  3. Every project has one or more speeches associated with it.
  4. Select a date and sign up for your speech on our chapter’s web site! Be sure to fill in the Path and Project information.
  5. Print your project-specific evaluation form and bring it to the meeting.
  6. I would recommend that you also download and save the Print My Project and any other documentation from the project for future reference.
  7. After your speech:  SAVE YOUR EVALUATION FORM!
    You may scan and upload documents into the My Feedback section.
  8. Complete your Self-Evaluation at the end and submit to complete your project.

Process for Completing a Level

  1. Once you have completed all the projects in a level, click on the Level Completion project to send a request to the VPE to approve.
  2. In addition, please fill out the Pathways Level Completion Verification, (also downloadable from the Downloads section of this website).
  3. Print, fill out, and scan this document along with copies of all your evaluations.
  4. Send to the VPE to validate your approval.

Starting in September, I hope to do a series of speeches on “Getting Started” in Toastmasters as well as Pathways.  Look forward to more information in the VPE Corner, hopefully monthly at a minimum!

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