Milestones is Spirited Speech Masters’ own virtual recognition system for members, helping mark significant educational accomplishments and acts of generosity toward one another. There are five categories of Milestones that can be earned, each of which yield a form of virtual points:

Education Milestones

Pathways is the self-directed learning program provided by Toastmasters International. These awards reflect completions of levels 1-5 in each of the 11 Pathways as well as a number of educational awards from the previous educational systems. You can learn more about Pathways here.

Education Points are awarded for reaching Education Milestones.

Initiate Milestones

These are the first achievements enrollees will likely earn and are designed to help new members learn the ropes and become comfortable with the program. Initiate Milestones include achievements such as “Met with My Mentor” and awards for filling each meeting role for the first time.

Spirit Points are awarded for reaching Initiate Milestones.

Program Milestones

These awards are specifically related to accomplishments within Spirited Speech Masters. This includes awards for exceptional performance of each of the meeting roles and awards for longevity. There is also an award for bringing a guest, which can be earned multiple times.

Spirit Points are awarded for reaching Program Milestones.

Service Milestones

Because Toastmasters is a volunteer organization, the efforts of members are essential to building and maintaining a healthy, thriving organization. Service Milestones are awarded to recognize outstanding instances of service and include awards for acts of service such as hosting an open house, serving within leadership, or mentoring a less-experienced member.

Service Points are awarded for achieving Service Milestones.

Site Milestones

In an era of telecommuting, the value of being able to connect with one another virtually cannot be understated. Site Milestones recognize the use of the Spirited Speech Masters web site to build relationships with one another.

Spirit Points are awarded for achieving Site Milestones.

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