Spirited Speech Masters and guests honor Dr. Farzana Chohan

How to Give a Great Speech Evaluation

When people think of Toastmasters, the first thing that usually comes to mind is giving speeches. And while we are certainly focused on developing our oratory skills, we also develop the ability to evaluate speakers. A good evaluation provides valuable feedback — delivered in a supportive and constructive manner — to help a speaker continue development.

Jonathan Peng is the winner of the 2017 District 85 Evaluation Contest. In the video below, he gives tips on how to deliver a stronger, more compelling evaluation, including emphasizing that an evaluation shouldn’t necessarily be delivered solely to the speaker but should make an effort to make the audience feel included, as well.

Upcoming Officer Elections

The June 6th meeting will include voting for the slate of 2019-2020 officers. We have a full slate of officer nominations:

  • Sergeant at Arms: Naureen
  • Treasurer: Dawn
  • Secretary: Allison
  • VP Public Relations: Loni
  • VP Membership: Twana
  • VP Education: Sally
  • President: Joann

Additional nominations will be requested from the floor (but the person nominated must accept the nomination).  You may also nominate yourself. Please attend, if at all possible, even if you are unable to be present for the entire meeting, as voting will take place during the first ten to fifteen minutes.

The June 13th meeting will be our annual Open House and will feature a slightly revised format. In an effort to promote recruitment, we are holding a Membership Contest! Prizes will be awarded to the member who brings the greatest number of guests and to the member who has the greatest number of people join our chapter (the latter of which will be determined on July 25). In addition, a special prize will be given to the first five visitors who join within the month of June!

If you haven’t already, please sign up to bring one or more food items or beverages to the Open House event! And if you haven’t picked up your red-envelope invitations to hand out to friends and colleagues, you can pick them up from Sally.

The June 27th meeting will feature officer installation with speeches by the outgoing and incoming Presidents.  Come and celebrate our Toastmasters Year in Review and hear our great plans for next year!

Open House 2019

Spirited Speech Masters is excited to invite you to attend an open house on Thursday, June 13th at 12 noon to 1 PM in 1MC16.3312 (one of the central conference rooms, badge access required).

Dawn will be delivering a speech entitled “The Kitchen Sink.” Dawn enjoys backpacking over long distances and, through years of experience, has fine-tuned the contents of her backpack for the greatest efficiency and lowest weight. Come benefit from her extensive, field-tested knowledge and see the benefits that Toastmasters can offer!

Light refreshments will be served.

05.23.2019 Weekly Window

The theme of today’s weekly meeting was “homecoming” as we welcomed Dawn and Sally back after a couple weeks of vacation. We were also fortunate enough to have two guests join us, providing new faces and fresh perspectives!

Loni served as today’s grammarian, introducing the thematically appropriate Word-of-the-Day, odyssey. (Psst! Did you know we collect all of the words of the day over on our glossary page?)

Sally spoke about the value of team building, comparing her experience when planning and executing two different projects, one with team-building and one without. Because we were short-handed, Sally also served as Table Topics Master, providing three prompts related to homecoming.

Dawn’s finished Windsor chair

Loni spoke extemporaneously about how her home is defined by the presence of family. Our guest Vydia regaled us with a funny story about how a spontaneous (attempted) trip to visit Mexico left them temporarily stranded in the no man’s land at the U.S.-Mexico border. And Dawn treated us to a story her recent trip to a Mennonite community in Waco, Texas where she learned to build a Windsor-style chair starting from a log and using traditional techniques.

Thank you to everyone who turned out for this week’s meeting and a special thank you to our two guests, Vydia and Lena. We hope to see you both again!

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Dawn recently achieved Competent Toastmaster (CTM) and Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), having completed two Advanced Communication & Leadership Program manuals. Congratulations, Dawn!

  • Best Table Topics: Vydia

7 Hand Gestures You Should Be Using

Charismatic speakers often use hand gestures to reinforce their intended message. Here is a short (7 minute) video showing seven different hand gestures you can incorporate when speaking.

Learn more about the effective use of hand gestures when speaking at 20 Hand Gestures You Should Be Using.

About the Author: Vanessa Van Edwards is a national best-selling author and behavioral investigator with the web site Science of People.