Adding Polish to your Meetings with Custom Role Nameplates

In Spirited Speech Masters’ weekly meetings, we use nameplates for two purposes:

  1. To identify members who are fulfilling a specific role and
  2. To allow members to quickly identify and claim unfilled roles before we convene.

We previously used sheets of printed card stock folded so that they would sit upright, but over time and much use, these nameplates became worn around the edges.

A few of our assembled nameplates, printed in Blue

To create something more colorful and long-lasting, we invested $35 of club funds into a set of acrylic nameplate holders (8.5-inches wide x 3.5-inches high) and designed nameplates in Toastmasters-appropriate colors to slip inside. In case there are any other Toastmasters chapters that are interested in an inexpensive and easy project to add polish to their meetings, I’m sharing the size-appropriate PDFs for these nameplates:

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