Spirited Speech Masters and guests honor Dr. Farzana Chohan

Saturday Watch Party: The Moth Mainstage Storytelling Event September 26

Join your fellow Spirited Speech Masters on Jitsi this Saturday 9/26/20 to watch an international virtual mainstage event put on by The Moth.

1:15 PM Virtual Doors Open via Zoom; SSM Jitsi Watch Party is Live
1:30 PM Stories Begin
3:15 PM Event Closes

Hosted by

Special Musical Guest
live from Barcelona

Join us for an afternoon of stories, as four storytellers take the virtual stage and share a true, personal story from their life. Featuring storytellers live from Berlin, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi and more.

Bound and Determined:
Stories of Breaking Loose

Running free, throwing caution to the wind, and trusting your gut. Join us for stories of speaking out, doubling down, and rising up. The courage to face change head-on or the tenacity to create your own revolution. Leaving expectations behind, diverging from the beaten path, and blazing a trail of one’s own. 

Read more and buy tickets ($17.92 USD)

The Moth‘s mission is to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.

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Linking in to online learning: 15 webinars on communication and leadership skills

As Madame President recently shared, did you know that as an employee of MD Anderson, we have access to the Linkedin Learning Library?

If you’re looking for where to begin, here are titles of 15 web-based courses with skills you can adopt today, helping you make the most of your Toastmasters experience. Use this list to get ideas for titles of interest, search for them on LinkedIn Learning and add them to your profile for viewing.

You’re sure to find many more as well that are novel and relevant, in the library of over 15,000 courses. What will you learn next?

Harnessing the Voice

The speaking voice deserves richness and fullness so that its power matches the power of our words, explains Harvard Kennedy School instructor Allison Shapira in the article, Breathing is the Key to Persuasive Public Speaking.

According to Toastmasters International’s report Your Speaking Voice: Tips for Adding Strength and Authority to Your Voice, “unless you’ve had voice lessons or athletic training, most likely your breathing is shallow, misdirected, and lacking in control.”

The report invites us to look at:
– What type of voice do we have: a whisper or a boom?
– Are we monotonous or melodious?
– What is our voice’s emotional color: a rain cloud or a rainbow?
– In our musical speaking voice do we agitate or orchestrate? “A good speaker may use as many as 25 different notes to convey variety and meaning.”

The report offers a method for relaxing the voice, promising a richer and more colorful voice with practice.

“Your goal should be vocal efficiency – the production
of maximum vocal output with minimum effort. An
efficient voice is smooth, versatile, and produced with
very little effort.”

Toastmasters International report, Your Speaking Voice

Shapira describes how much our breath affects how our voice sounds, not only revitalizing us to calm our nerves but also creating a resonant tone that communicates confidence.

Shapira uses the analogy of sashimi to recommend practicing using the breath to support our words. Take a full breath, and practice exhaling while speaking. “Over time, you can breathe quickly and discreetly between sentences,” adding strength to the voice.


Video Public Speaking

When the video turns on, our setting, appearance, and delivery send a message. What are you aiming for?

You can read more about best practices in these areas on the Toastmasters International website, Hana He’s How to Appear Your Best While Delivering an Online Speech.

video chat


– You are able to zoom in and out by moving yourself closer to or further away from the camera to dramatize your online speech.

– If you need to refer to any notes, you may place them near the camera instead of looking away from the screen for your notebook. For example, place Post-it Notes around your screen. This allows you to read from your notes without distracting the audience.

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