2019.09.26 Weekly Window

During the introduction of last week's meeting, Loni gave a quick presentation on how to accept an award, including the following 5 steps:

  1. When possible, enter from Stage Left (House Right).
    This ensures the award giver will appear on the left side of any photographs that are taken. The left side is considered dominant.
  2. Make eye contact. Smile and shake hands.
    The human connection of accepting an award is very important and demonstrates graciousness and respect. By shaking hands before accepting the award, you ensure that your hands are placed comfortably.
  3. Accept award with your left hand.
    While maintaining the handshake, the award giver should extend the award to you with their left hand. Accept the award and hold it level so that it will be legible when photographed.
  4. Turn to the camera or audience. Smile.
    You won't always be photographed, but you should acknowledge those who came to see your award acceptance.
  5. When possible, exit Stage Right (House Left).
    This is particularly important in situations where multiple awards are being given, as it helps to ensure that the previous recipient doesn't collide with the incoming recipient.

Let's hope that we all have more opportunities to accept awards with grace in the future!

This week was a very special occasion with Christine giving her Icebreaker speech, the very first speech of her first Pathway! She used her speech to rejoice in her status as a recent "empty-nester," rejecting the negative connotations that are sometimes associated with the term and delighting in the benefits of having a home that was all her own. Asad delivered a warm and engaging speech about initiating communication styles, the first speech of level 2 of his current Pathway.

Thank you to everyone who turned out last week. We are still in need of a Toastmaster for next week's meeting. I encourage everyone to please sign up in advance for a meeting role!

And with just a little bit of coaching, look how much better everyone did accepting their awards this week!

  • Best Speaker: Christine
  • Best Evaluator: DS
  • Word of the Day: burgeon

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