Virtual Leadership Institute Saturday

Officer and non-officer members are invited to attend the first Leadership Institute of the season via Zoom this Saturday. For those who have not attended a TLI in the past, they are training sessions for those who find themselves in a leadership role … or for those who might be thinking about volunteering or getting more involved in future. Certain portions of the meeting are conducted with all persons in one place, while each leadership role (VPPR, VPM, Treasurer, etc.) will have a breakout session facilitated by a Toastmaster member with considerable experience in that role.

Here is a video from Lola Pratt — 2015 Division Director for District 57, Division D — helping to explain the value of TLI:

One of the requirements for Presidents Distinguished is a minimum level of attendance by a program’s leadership within a six-month period. This is a fantastic opportunity to attend a TLI that doesn’t require you to drive across town (although the free coffee and donuts will certainly be missed).

You can register here for this event.

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