Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do members improve their public speaking skills?

Toastmasters International provides members access to an educational program called Pathways. This program includes a number of different paths that include several detailed projects within specific areas of interest, including but not limited to: Dynamic Leadership, Innovative Planning, Leadership Development, Motivational Strategies, Persuasive Influence, Presentation Mastery, and Engaging Humor. Every chapter meeting is structured to provide support and encouragement to visitors and members as they strive to improve their speaking and leadership abilities.

Click here for more information about getting started with Pathways.

Will I have to speak?

Toastmasters strives to be a positive and supportive environment; we never require visitors to speak unless they are comfortable doing so!

What are roles?

To help ensure that each meeting is successful and efficient, members (and sometimes guests) volunteer to fulfill certain roles for the meeting:

  • Toastmaster: the master of ceremonies who leads the meeting
  • Speaker: gives a prepared speech, usually 5 to 7 minutes in length, often with one or more specific objectives
  • Evaluator: provides constructive feedback to the speaker at the conclusion of his or her speech
  • Timer: monitors and records the time elapsed during each speech and table topic response
  • Grammarian: introduces and monitors usage of the “Word of the Day”; listens for both imprecise uses of the English language as well as exceptional turns of phrase
  • Ah-Counter: listens for the use of filler words (ex. “um”) as well as repeated “double clutch” words
  • Table Topics Master: prompts volunteers to speak extemporaneously for 1-2 minutes on a variety of topics he or she selects
  • General Evaluator: provides constructive feedback on the meeting in general

To ensure a prompt start time, members are encouraged to sign up in advance for roles via our web site.

How can I join?

Visitors are always welcome, but — for full access to the Toastmaster educational experience — click here!

Any questions?

Are there any questions we didn’t answer above? Send us a message!

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